From annual exams to vision correction to the treatment of eye diseases and injuries, Meyer Family Vison offers a full range of services. Our optometrists are licensed to diagnose and treat a variety of vision problems and eye conditions for your entire family.

Annual Exams

annualeyeexamAn annual eye exam with a licensed optometrist is necessary to protect your vision. At Meyer Family Vision our comprehensive eye exams are thorough and utilize the latest technology. Yearly eye exams are as necessary as an annual physical or dental visit. Early detection of medical diseases & vision conditions is important and can be attained with a proper comprehensive exam.
At your exam you will be asked questions about your medical and vision history as well as any problems you may be experiencing. Next a series of test will be performed including refraction and visual field. In order to examine the full health of your eye your pupils will be dilated to allow the doctor to see peripheral parts of the retina. The exam findings will be explained to you and you will then work with the opticians to select a frame and lens to best meet your needs. Selecting the right vision correction isn’t as simple as writing out a prescription. Meyer Family Vision works with each patient to also consider their work and personal lifestyle needs.

Eye Diseases

Our optometrists are trained in the most advanced optometric care to diagnose and treat a variety of eye diseases and conditions. Some of the more common are cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration & dry eye.

Eye Injuries & Foreign Body Removal

It is very important to have your eyes examined after suffering even a minor eye injury. A corneal scratch or getting metal in your eye if untreated can cause more damage if not treated.

Corrective Surgery

There are surgical options to correct vision deficiencies. Meyer Family Vision doctors will be able to work with you to help determine if you are a good candidate for these surgeries and work closely with Ophthalmologists before and after these procedures.